Kelly McGrew, Author

Who's Who?

Kelly was selected for inclusion in the 2008 edition of Marquis Who's Who in the World. This work includes 60,000 people from 215 countries who are the business, political, social, and economic leaders of the early 21st century. Marquis has been cataloging "Who's Who" since 1899 and Kelly is honored to be included in this compendium of people who have made and are making a difference in the world.

What's Up?

In April of 2009 I joined Cisco Systems, Inc. as a systems engineer. Cisco has me working and living in Kuwait on a three-year international assignment, after which I'll be able to return to Tampa.

Beginning in February 2007 I started working in Baghdad, Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Near the end of July I moved from Camp Victory at Baghdad International Airport (BIAP) to the International Zone (IZ), formerly called the "Green Zone." After 21 months there, I threw in the towel for a job with Cisco.

I had been living in Florida and working for as an instructor/​consultant, but took a leave of absence to see what's going on over here for myself.

The two projects on which I'm working now are to become an excellent Cisco systems engineer and the CCIE-R/​S designation. Eventually, I hope to finish off a guide for those who want to become network engineers. Once that's done I'll start writing a VoIP Signaling Handbook.

The Family Side
Tammy and I have lived in Land O Lakes, Florida for over four years now, event though I have only been in it for a total of 15 months so far. We greatly enjoy the house and the pool. We've done a fair amount of entertaining and the house works well for that purpose, given the large amount of area we have.

We'll do even more entertaining when I get home from Iraq.


Kelly McGrew, Author, Instructor, and Network Engineer

This is the website for Kelly McGrew, Cisco systems engineer; author; technical writer; former instructor, course developer, and consultant.

Optimizing and Securing Cisco AVVID Applications

Look for this cover.

This ground-breaking text has become dated and there are no plans on the part of the publisher to update it. When published, this ground-breaking book was the first to cover the breadth of Cisco Architecture for Voice, Video, and Integrated Data (AVVID). The book is divided into four sections: Voice, Security, Content Delivery Networking (CDN), and Storage Area Networking (SAN).

The first section covers the core voice applications. The foundation application is Cisco CallManager, the IP-PBX that provides call processing for Voice over IP. You'll find a description of how to design and configure your Cisco CallManager as well as some important tips on configuring the application. Other applications include Unity, the unified messagining application, and the IP Contact Center suite of programs.

The second part of the book deals with building a secure architecture for your AVVID applications. The first chapter in this part deals with the components used to develop a security framework. The second chapter in this section illustrates a variety of architectures to help you design a network secure from both external and internal hackers.

The third part of the book focuses on Content Delivery Networks and follows the same framework as the second part. The first chapter in this section discusses the CDN components and the second focuses on designing your CDN. Points to focus on when you evaluate a service provider's CDN are highlighted too.

The fourth part of the book deals with Storage Area Networks. Again, the first chapter in this division focuses with SAN components, concepts, and protocols. The second chapter builds a ge/​5ety of design architectures using those components.

Selected Works

Technical Writing
Cisco Voice Over Frame Relay, ATM, and IP
How to select, install, configure, and troubleshoot Cisco Voice over Layer 2/3 solutions.
Optimizing and Securing Cisco AVVID Applications.
The entire gamut of Cisco's Architecture for Voice, Video, and Integrated Data (AVVID) is covered in this ground-breaking book. This book describes the Cisco AVVID applications, the relevent standards for more arcane components of AVVID, and how to best implement solid and secure AVVID solutions.
The Cisco Network Design Toolkit
In process: The essentials of network design, including project inception, design methodology, project proposal, selling the proposal, and project management.